Snow Removal

VDOT provide civic assoc. with contractor info before and after

VDOT: Establish a web site by magisterial district AND neighborhood association to identify the following before each WINTER:

Who are the neighborhood's snow removal firms/independent contractors

What are their customer feedback phone numbers to those providers

Mandate in their contracts that VDOT has concurrent access to the information and followup with monitoring


During A snow event

Communicate to EACH Civic/neighborhood assocation what the Contractor's schedule is. People will be patient if they know what the plan is. They will wait their turn.

They will also complain if the deadline is not met. Feed forward information to citizens and you will receive much more support when people have an idea that they are being treated honestly, equitable and sincerely. IF the DMV can figure it out, so can VDOT using scheduling technology.

NO money? Sorry, we get next to no services from the state here in NOVA. If you can't do it right, then stop doing it at all and let us figure out how to do it ourselves. Of course, in that instance give the county the measly $60 million in exchange, plus all that equipment in Richmond and Tidewater.



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