improve customer access to VDOT during an emergency

VDOT's phone line to call for help was a recording. It was extremely frustrating to hear basically a lecture (directed specifically to northern virginia residents!) to quit complainin', we are doing the best we can. To add insult to injury, the recording added a very ironic statement about how long it was taking to get plows and heavy equipment up from Hampton Roads to northern Virginia. I laugh out loud to think why tidewater needs that many plows.


SO: independent review of where equipment is. Further north and west, more equipment.


The recording went on for nearly three minutes before a citizen was able to leave a message. Unacceptable customer service! Also, had I been out of eletricity, communicating via my cell phone would have used up precious cell minutes listening to the "lecture". Last, web postings may not be possible, so add text capability for people with wireless text capability in lieu of computer email access.



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