Snow Removal

Snow clearing needs to be continous, not wait till end of snow

VDOT failed to keep pace with Feb snow storm due to perhaps improper planning and supervision. They virtually did not clear snow during main snow fall and started clearing when it was already too much on the roads. VDOT has about 17000 lane miles of roads and about 1800 Vehicles. This means every vehicle gets 10 lane miles to clear. If it drives at 10-15 miles speed, every inch of road could be cleared once every hour. Considering the rest/refuel etc, it may work only 12 hours out of 24. That means every inch of raod should be cleared every two hours with existing/deployed resources. However, there were areas where no snow plows were seen or they were just loitering around without clearing snow. Even roads like Rt 50, 29, Stringfellow etc had too much compacted snow on them after days of snow fall. VDOT needs to plan and monitor as many of their assets are contractors, who seem to make money by being present not by work done. Also there seems to be no one checking their work. I saw many plows just standing on road side and whiling away their time. I did report this to them more than once. They need to deploy with snow fall and should be done within hours of snow fall, if planed properly and excecuted with efficiency.



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