Be reasonable about what policies you adopt

As evidenced by the number of ideas posted so far, a good many residents have opinions about what could have been done and what could have been done better.


But keep in mind: This year is/was an anomaly. If any of us lives in Fairfax County for the next 60 years, we might never see another storm like the two we had this winter. One could argue it's doubtful we'll ever see such storms again in this region.


There are many valid ideas and comments here, and I do not mean to diminish them. Perhaps it's worth creating separate policies for garden-variety 4-inch snow events and paralyzing storms, like we had this winter.


I don't believe it's a wise idea to revamp sections of the county's snow policy merely as a reaction to this winter. Yes, in the future, unusual events should be a part of the plan; but I'm not certain this winter should be the sole basis for amending those plans.



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