Snow Removal

Plowing Side Streets Closed

Snow plow operators should be instructed NOT to plow in side streets. When getting to a side street, they can turn into the side street and place the additional snow against the curb, OR, once they plow a lane in each direction of the main street, they should be instructed to come back and remove the snow and ice they placed in the intersections of side streets, thus opening up the side street to four wheel drive and emergency vehicles.


In this past snow storm, the plows closed in the side streets with a wall of three to four feet of snow and ice. I had volunteered my four wheel drive truck to the local hospital to help bring in staff, only problem with a wall of snow and ice four feet high closing in our side street, I could not get out to help others. We have a neighbor with a heart condition and should we have needed emergency assistance, they never could have come down our street as the street was plowed closed.



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